Issue 7 Feature: Bakota. Ukranian Atlantis. Flooded village under the water, by Tanbelia The Slime Artist

This piece was published in black and white in our seventh issue. Here is a more intimate look in full color featuring a photo of the artist.

Polyptych, bas-relief height 4 cm, Slime, acrylic texture paste on canvas.

“Ukrainian Atlantis is located in an extremely picturesque place called Bakota,
Podilsky Tovtry, Khmelnytsky region. Bakota was once a large, strong border village,
but its history ended in 1981, when the village was completely flooded during the
construction of a hydroelectric power plant. Now there is a wide and deep river
Dniester, 42 meters deep. There in the rocks is one of the oldest monasteries “Rock
Monastery”. This place is called the place of power, and indeed, having been there
you feel that you are on top of the world and full of energy. There are no routes or
buses in Bakota, you can only get there by your own transport on a difficult road.
In the artwork I depicted the river Dniester under which is the past village, the
nature that surrounds this beautiful place, here you feel alone with nature. I wanted
to convey the grandeur, the power of the water element, this picture radiates power
and makes the viewer think about how strong nature is and we must protect it”

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