Tiny Talks with Jordain Gillen & Megan Sanderson

We kick off our Tiny Talks Series with Issue 7: Collaboration cover artists, Jordain Gillen and Megan Sanderson!

Tiny Talks are interviews between our editors and contributors. It is just another way Tiny Spoon is growing through community support. We will be sending all contributors from our issues these carefully curated questions.

Tiny Spoon: What called you to collaborate and what was that process like? 

Jordain: Myself and Megan have been best friends for years. We both studied art in high school and at university. So it just came naturally for us to collaborate. We both have a similar mindset as well so our ideas just bounce off one another.

Tiny Spoon: Why do you create? 

Jordain: I create because it’s my passion ! I know nothing else other than to be creative. I enjoy the aesthetic of creating other worldly pieces as a form of escapism. I am always looking for the next thing or the next idea and it just comes naturally to me. I am so passionate about a number of different things including Queer culture, the mystic, holistic well being and humanitarian rights which is all reflected within my work. So being creative also gives me an outlet to express my views and my creativity.

Megan: I create because I enjoy experimenting. I always like to try something new so I would try a variety of different art forms. Photography is my passion though. I like to capture nature in its natural form and enjoy the outdoors. I’m also very passionate about controversial issues within society and sometimes like to address this through my work.

Tiny Spoon: Where do you find most of your inspiration? / When do you feel most inspired?

Jordain: I am always feeling inspired by something. Though a majority of my inspiration comes from being very spiritual. I am at my happiest when I am in nature and so a lot of the work I create would portray this. As a cancerian I very much enjoy being by the sea and in the water, feeling grounded by the natural earth. So no matter what I create, whether it be inspired by queer culture or by nature, I will always bring it back to the seaside to be photographed through my own interpretation.

Megan: As I said above I enjoy the outdoors. I would do a lot of water sports and sightseeing around my home in Northern Ireland. We have a lot of greenery and nature spots here in Northern Ireland, so I always enjoy photographing them in a new way to capture their natural beauty. Other times I just have an idea and I just go with it. For me it’s all about having fun and experimenting.

Tiny Spoon: What is your dream project?

Jordain: My dream project would be to create a series that’s underwater. It’s hard to describe but imagine an art performance that’s documented from under the water. Something along those lines.

Megan: I’m not sure what mine would be, but I do love to travel so perhaps photographing beautiful places throughout the world where I’ve never been before.

Tiny Spoon: Do you have any current projects that you are working on that you would like to share? 

Jordain: At the moment I am just finishing up with showcasing my ‘The Universe Untold’ Collection, which had two showings here in Northern Ireland. One in my hometown of Ballymena and the other which was just last week in Belfast. I will have an online showing as well which will be available on my website soon. This project was massive so it feels good that it has been well received in both showings. I am also currently planning an exhibition for my Ghosties which were very popular last Autumn. However, due to lockdown I could only show them online, so this year I have big plans for them.

MeganAt the moment I have no plans. I’m just enjoying the last of the summer holidays out in nature and photographing as I go along.

Tiny Spoon: What book, artwork, music, etc., would you recommend to others?

Jordain: At the moment I am currently hooked on the Love Victor series on Disney+. Music wise I love everything but at the moment I am hooked on the new Billie Elish album. It just has so much depth and experimentation which I love. Book wise, I have currently been flicking my way through Dom and Inks new book ‘Queer Power’, which illustrates inspirational people in the queer community.

Megan: I am a huge fan of Horror so anything horror related I recommend. I’m a big fan of American Horror Story so I’m excited for the new season coming soon.

Tiny Spoon: Is there anything else you would like others to know about you, your creations, or beyond?

Jordain: I’m not sure if I mentioned but I am very spiritual. So I am very interested in crystal healing, journaling and love to meditate and practice yoga on a daily basis which also influences my work. I have so many exciting things in the works at the moment which I am so excited to share with everyone soon.

Megan: I am quite interested in the occult and love learning about different aspects of the mystic which goes hand in hand with my love of horror. Even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea I do love creating horror inspired work as well. Sometimes it’s a good outlet for frustration or dealing with problems within society through art.

Tiny Spoon: Where can people learn more about what you do?

Jordain: My instagram is probably my most active place for updates, but you can also find out more on my website and other social media:




Megan: Again my Instagram is probably my most active platform but I am also on Facebook: https://www.instagram.com/imprintphotographyni/