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GOAL: $600 by November 30, 2021


Thank you to all who donated! Our raffle winner will be announced shortly.

Our donations are still open if you’d like to contribute toward our printing, mailing, and other operating costs.

At Tiny Spoon, we dream big. In 2019 when Chris and Stephanie founded our bite-sized literary magazine, we didn’t know what the future would bring, but we knew we wanted to create a space to bring people together through writing and the creative arts with publications and events. Back then, we printed for free using our school’s printers and put all our energy and love into hand binding each issue and getting to know people in our literary community.

Over two years later, we are thriving. We are constantly in awe of the support and community that we have built in just two years that make it all possible. We feel a deep connection and excitement with all our contributors when they have news of publications and we are always looking for new ways to uphold those who are so vital to our publication. We have gotten to know more presses and collectives through our Spooning Sessions and affirmed the necessity of writing and art in the world. Over time, we have realized the magnificent network that has become Tiny Spoon and the joy it brings us and others. Our hearts beam when someone stops us at a poetry reading, “Are you Tiny Spoon?” Yes, yes we are. And so are you. We are an interconnected rhizome breathing new creation into the world.

Because our community is everything to us, we want to be able to give it more. We want to enhance the quality of our publication, pay our contributors, offer featured artist workshops, and create community-based programming. In order to do this, we will be applying to achieve our non-profit status. Doing so will enable us to apply to grants and funding, in addition to individual contributors, to help us achieve our dreams of expansion.

If you want to see a tiny bit more literature in the world, a tiny bit more connection to the essence of the human heart, please donate to us so that we can apply to become a non-profit.

What will your donation be used for?

First and foremost, we will use compiled donations to apply for non-profit status, which costs $600.

Additional funds will be put toward:

  • Printing issues
  • Enhancing printing to perfect bindings for Issue 10
  • Mailing issues to contributors
  • Paying contributors
  • Switching to Submittable (feeless submissions)
  • Overhead (like website, PO Box, fees)
  • Featured artist workshops
  • Community programming