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What We Want

We seek work that pushes the boundaries of conventional genres; work that is daring, experimental, innovative, quirky, thoughtful, vulnerable, electric, eccentric. In other words, your inner workings expanded and exposed, raw and immediate; your fragile soul parted at the seams into our bound paper glossary of tiny wonder. Your voice is beautiful, edgy, infinite, and unique, and we want to raise it.

Here at Tiny Spoon, we are especially interested in experimental work, although not exclusively. If you’ve had trouble finding a home for your work because it doesn’t fit into generally recognized categories, chances are your home is right here with us.

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Internship Opportunity!

For the first time, we are opening an internship position with Tiny Spoon! Because we like to post daily social media posts, we are looking for an individual to help create graphics, descriptions, and schedule posts, alongside brainstorming exciting new content for our readers!

You do not need previous social media experience to apply to this position, however, we would like to see some examples of your graphic design style, post captions, etc., so that we can see how your vision fits with our magazine. Ideally, we are looking for someone who might be interested in the position until the end of 2020. Upon that time we could discuss if we’d like to extend the internship.

If interested, please send a brief introductory email to tinyspoonlitmag@gmail.com–a full cover letter is not necessary, but please state why you are interested in this social media intern position with Tiny Spoon and note any experience you have with social media, graphic design, and writing. Send along a resume and 5-10 examples of graphic design and writing samples. If you do not have previous materials to pull from, you might create mock posts similar to what we do on our social media–highlight our upcoming Ecology issue, feature a quote, create a writing prompt, etc. If your work seems like a fit for us right now, we’ll schedule a Zoom call so we can all get to know each other better before an official hiring.

Please feel welcome to reach out to us at tinyspoonlitmag@gmail.com with any questions you might have.

*As with all positions at Tiny Spoon, this internship is unpaid, but you will be featured on our website and social media staff features, attributed in our publication, and we are willing to write letters of recommendation on your behalf in the future.