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We are premiering a release video on our YouTube channel to celebrate our Issue 4: Memory contributors !

Issue 4: Memory–Release June 27 at 3 PM MT

The video will stream live at the above time on our YouTube Channel: Tiny Spoon Lit Mag. Afterward, it will be available anytime for viewing.

Order your copy of Issue 4: Memory today!

We are now accepting submissions for our sixth issue SOLITUDE.

While in the midst of self-isolation, it is easy to feel loneliness and melancholy without our usual social interactions. Perhaps we take for granted the precious passing moments we share with others. However, during this time, we are also drawn to consider, what does solitude truly mean? What does it mean to embody solitude? It is the opportunity to be with oneself without interruption, to allow your thoughts and ambitions to arise from within. Solitude holds such vast meaning and significance, can be held with joy or sorrow. We are fascinated by the open potential of this theme and its meaning for others.

For our next submission call, we wanted something that would both reflect on our unique current world crisis, while also fostering a broader conversation and contemplation about what it means to be with oneself. We invite you to write into experiences and expressions of solitude for our sixth themed issue. How do you experience being with yourself? What is the quarantine and global pandemic experience like for you? What past situations have you been in where you felt truly present with yourself? How is this space difficult to hold or maintain or serene to find? Is it momentary or prolonged? What creative work comes out of solitude?

We hope that through your solitude submissions, we will create a space that shows that even within this solitary space, we have shared experience and community. It is merely one aspect of the multitudes that comprise the human experience.

Please review our submission guidelines for more details.

What We Want

Here at Tiny Spoon, we are especially interested in experimental work, although not exclusively. If you’ve had trouble finding a home for your work because it doesn’t fit into generally recognized categories, chances are your home is right here with us.

We seek work that pushes the boundaries of conventional genres; work that is daring, experimental, innovative, quirky, thoughtful, vulnerable, electric, eccentric. In other words, your inner workings expanded and exposed, raw and immediate; your fragile soul parted at the seams into our bound paper glossary of tiny wonder. Your voice is beautiful, edgy, infinite, and unique, and we want to raise it.

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