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Daniella Mestyanek Young – UNCULTURED Interview, by Sam Cook


Here at Tiny Spoon, we are especially interested in experimental work. As an extension of our mission with our literary magazine, we are opening submissions for Book Reviews and Interviews. We are especially interested in experimental literature that pushes the boundaries of convention and genre. We prioritize small independent presses and emerging writers. 

We seek work that pushes the boundaries of conventional genres; work that is daring, experimental, innovative, quirky, thoughtful, vulnerable, electric, eccentric. In other words, your inner workings expanded and exposed, raw and immediate; your fragile soul parted at the seams into our bound paper glossary of tiny wonder. Your voice is beautiful, edgy, infinite, and unique, and we want to raise it.

In the spirit of our values, we welcome either traditional or more experimental forms of book reviews and interviews.

Please review our submission guidelines and submit your book review or interview with this form.


We ask that you send one piece, 500-2,000 words, 12 pt Garamond or a similar font, labeled Last Name_Title_Book Review or Interview. Format text: sent as .doc, .docx, or .rtf.