Issue 7 Feature: Angel Lockhart and Amara Baker

The warm noon spring light shines through the open kitchen window as the small timer goes off, telling her that it’s time to take out the loaf of bread. Birds chirped right outside the little cottage window along with the bright laughter of the girl’s younger sister.  She moves the curtain aside to gaze outside and finds Everly prancing around in the leaves. The dainty girl falls into a patch of flowers and their petals float down into her pigtails. The older sister looks back to the oven and pulls the steaming loaf out of the oven. She brings the pan up to her nose and the sweet yeasty aroma makes her mouth water.. She sets the bread on the window sill gently. “Everly!” she calls out.

The little girl looks up with dirt smudged against her pale yellow dress. It falls just below her knees and the thin straps refuse to stay put on her shoulders. Messy stitch marks cover the dress in an attempt to keep the dress from falling off of her. The waist is pulled taut with a big ribbon which is now swept up in the breeze. Her skin was kissed by the sun, her eyes a soft earthen green. She gives her older sister a big smile before spinning around in the crisp green grass, her feet littered with dust and dirt from the ground beneath her. The dress curves around her gracefully as she twirls and twirls. Her pigtails keep brushing against her face every time she stops.

One of the ribbons in her hair starts to come undone. Every movement is gentle yet carefree.

She makes a point to be careful of the newly sprung flowers, the flower crown from earlier this morning now laid on the ground in disregard. Breeze blows gently through the trees and the smell of springtime wafts inside the cottage.

The older sister watches  her with a loving, yet slightly somber smile. She is glad that, at the very least, they still have each other.

Bio: Amara and Angel worked together to create this art, music, and writing collaboration. They are two creators at Fremont High School. They are involved in Book Club, Creative Writing Club, and other various activities.