Issue 8 Feature: Zhang

Our blog is an extension of the issue so we can share even more experimental, beautiful work with our readers!

Artist Statement: I am Zhang. I am an illustrator from China and currently working out of the UK. I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth. I like to capture the moments and narratives occurring around me as I am most interested in real life. Hand-drawn observational images are combined with the digital in depicting landscapes, architecture, animals, food and humans, both individually and in crowds. I am interested in editorial, book cover, advertising, package design, surface pattern design etc. 

My final project is to make a ZINE with a wordless to depict my unique perception of my observation, which happened in London and Bournemouth. They are all based on my real experiences and feelings. I hope my audience can have a resonate with me after watching my work. Something might be common, but it is a special view for me to explore. Find more work online at and on Instagram: