Issue 7 Feature: Darkreconstruction & Minika Ko & Jose Juarez

Process Note:

This summer, we collaborated on creating a pair of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted dresses as part of the USPS Art Project.

These were exhibited at the Pelham Art Center, and the Ely Center of Contemporary Art. Both of us were inspired to go in a beachy, goddess-like direction.

It took us two weeks to make these dresses. I also made necklaces from seashells I had found on the beach during the spring lockdown in Queens and Long Island. 

Creator Bios:

Darkreconstruction is a nonbinary painter working in an abstract expressionist style. They live and create in Queens, NY. Their work focuses on organic textures, soothing colors, and simple shapes contrasting against complex color palettes. They are inspired by concrete walls overgrown by ivy and tree branches, train underpasses covered in graffiti and grass, a strong New York summer rainstorm beating against their window, the decaying Red Hook warehouses, tiny alleys, and the way the air smells on the first few days of September. Their website is and their Instagram is @darkreconstruction. 

Photographer Jose Juarez borrowed a friend’s camera for a few hours ended up using college savings to purchased a camera. “I don’t limit the work I do to any labeled general, I just want to make photos.” -Jose Juarez from personal website.

Minika Ko is the founder and designer of her eponymous company, Minika Ko LLC, and the designer behind the brand KOVASKY. Her high performance fashion line, KOVASKY, combines high fashion with cutting-edge textiles. The collection offers stylish and functional womenswear from business attire, evening wear, to athleisure outfits – all beautiful, comfortable and machine washable. Her website is and her instagram is @minikako. 

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