Welcome to the Tiny Spoon Blog! We are excited to announce this online expansion to our literary magazine as a space for further creation and community!

In reading submissions for Issue 7 Collaboration, we were absolutely dazzled by so many of the art projects shared with us. They ranged from event-poems captured in film and video to art installments of shifting colors projected on a canvas. Many of these multimedia submissions would benefit from color presentation or even video and audio accompaniment. Our excitement to publish them led to our desire to create a blog that would not only meet our needs to expand Issue 7 beyond its print edition, but to allow our vision of Tiny Spoon to continue to expand and grow. 

With our first round of upcoming blog posts, we will be featuring work of Issue 7, some of which will also appear in the print edition. With the nature of many of the projects, an online forum will allow them to be appreciated in their expanded form. We’re excited for the interaction between our print and online editions–– the print will house the work’s physical form and the online blog will expand on the work, including multimedia material so a piece can be viewed in the round. 

Within our new blog, we will also cultivate a space of conversation with opportunities to share more voices on an online platform. Soon we’ll be featuring interviews with contributors and community members. We’ll highlight our contributor’s creative processes and projects, to give them space to share their stories. We want to not only appreciate the literature and art created by individuals, but to learn more about what drives all of us as creatives to do what we do.

Tiny Spoon is incredibly excited by this new endeavor which allows us to pursue our vision to be more inclusive and accessible to our audience and contributors alike. It is just one way that we are inspired to foster community and support the multitude of creative practices that you share with us. 

Stay tuned for all we have in store! Please comment with suggestions, curiosities, and more! We want to hear from you!