Tiny Talks with Dre Levant

Tiny Talks is an interview series with Tiny Spoon’s talented contributors. This week we spoke with Dre Levant from Issue 9, Cut/Copy/Paste: The Remix!

Tiny Spoon: What was your process for engaging with the Cut/Copy/Paste Remix? How did you choose what to keep or what to omit?

Dre: Whenever I sit down to craft a cut-up poem, I usually start by cutting out the phrases/words that stand out the most to me, then once I have a sizeable pile I just start arranging and rearranging the words until I find what feels right or fits best! The process is very intuitive. Sometimes words just don’t end up fitting or flowing and I omit them. I always try to take the essence of what the original piece is saying, but refracted another way to reveal another meaning – and of course I imbue my pieces with my own perspective too!

Tiny Spoon: What kindles your creativity?

Dre: The list is pretty endless! Almost anything can give me a spark of creativity – it could be a crack in the sidewalk, two strangers walking ahead of me, or a rusted vase in a stream.

Tiny Spoon: Are there any artists, heroines, idols & friends that you look up to?

Dre: I admire e.e. cummings and William Burroughs as writers – their experimental style has definitely influenced my own work! I admire Sean William McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye) for his incredible passion and the way he spreads so much joy.

Tiny Spoon: Are there any natural entities that move your work?

Dre: I often find myself writing about rain or dusk – I love the refreshing nature of rain and the way that dusk is the in-between time of day, where everything slows down for a moment.

Tiny Spoon: We’d love insight into your creative process. Could you share what it is like for you, either with your work that appears in Tiny Spoon or in general?

Dre: Sometimes my creative process is writing nonstop for several hours when inspiration takes hold, other times it’s writing down sporadic notes over the course of several weeks before a piece finally takes shape.

Tiny Spoon: Do you have any current or future projects that you are working on that you would like to share?

Dre: Yes! I’m working on two poetry chapbooks (I actually just submitted one yesterday to a publisher, so here’s hoping!) and a YA novel that (hopefully) will be done in the next year!

Tiny Spoon: What book, artwork, music, etc., would you recommend to others?

Dre: I’d recommend reading the poetry book “Today Means Amen” by Sierra DeMulder and listening to “480” by blackwinterwells!

Tiny Spoon: Is there anything else you would like others to know about you, your creations, or beyond?

Dre: Mmm I also do pen and ink art! I draw mostly animal skulls and flowers – I say it’s my current muse but it’s been my muse for about 3 years so maybe it’s just what I do. My Writing Instagram & Twitter are both @drethepiper Art instgram is @jupiter.bloom_art if you want to find more of my work!