Issue 8 Features: Zareen Ashraf

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Untitled | size: 6”x 11.5” | paper on paper

 Untitled | size: 8”x 13.5” | paper on paper

 Soliloquy | size: 11.5”x 13.5” | paper on paper

A wish | size: 8”x 11” | paper on paper

     Soliloquy | size: 8.5”x 11” | paper on paper

Artist Statement: My work is the response to the events occurs in life. I use symbols to generalize the idea. This work depicts the subconscious. Our subconscious mind contains a lot of stuff which we observe, see, hear and feel. According to me our subconscious mind is the mother of our conscious mind. Our subconscious and conscious mind works when we communicate with ourselves. We meet our true selves when we practice Soliloquy (state of mind in which we talk to ourselves). My work is about subconscious, conscious and Soliloquy. 

Bio: Zareen is Lahore based Visual Artist done her BFA from College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab Lahore in 2014 and after that done her MFA (visual arts) in 2019 and awarded with Gold Medal. During her graduation won different competitions nationally. She has participated in many group shows nationally. She was also the part of Karbath second wave residency in 2019 and also participated in collateral exhibition of Lahore biennale 02. She has been awarded with the “Merit of Excellence” in the group show of Punjab Artist Association of Pakistan at Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore.