Tiny Gift Guide

Tiny Spoon has a talented community, so why not check out what everybody has created this year to find some dazzling gifts for the holidays?

Tiny Spoon Gifts


Issue/Workshop Combos

Winter Solstice Workshop and Workbook

Patreon Membership, Subscription, and Workshops

Friends of Tiny Spoon

Over the past year, we’ve met and collaborated with other organizations. Check out their recent publications!

Wisdom Body Collective

collective.aporia / *apo-press

Perennial Press

Inverted Syntax

Publications Featuring Contributors

Our contributors have been busy! Many have recent publications and features in other literary magazines. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen in Tiny Spoon, you’ll love their full works!

Full-length manuscripts:

White Card, (photo book), by Guilherme Bergamini

Literary Magazines with Features:

featuring Shannon Gardner
featuring Shannon Gardner
featuring Wilfried Schubert
featuring Wilfried Schubert and Moira Walsh
featuring Moira Walsh
featuring Wilfried Schubert

Gifts for Writers

Hand-bound books by BINDbyBIND


Crocodile Reflections Art Print by Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, appeared in Tiny Spoon Ecology

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