BIG Sculpture from Maternal Mitochondria

Two of our Issue 7 Collaborators!

Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond

This has been several years in the making–the concept, that is. Suddenly Isabel Winson-Sagan is in full production swing. She says: “Made out of recycled materials, this site-specific land art sculpture will be the inaugural piece at a new open-air gallery in Santa Fe called “The Poetry Yard,” a place to celebrate poetry, sculpture, and performance.”

I’ll add that it is three tree trunks, covered in the bottle caps of baby formula. The poetry text is (there was a triangle) between me, G-d, and the water. Isabel dropped off the first bit and essentially just created the triangle. The words will appear on small metal signs.

Isabel adds: “Sculpture in-progress… Thinking about parasitic and symbiotic growth, mycology, saprophytic nutrition, how oil/wood/milk feed us and keep us warm.”

The official name of the sculpture isDesiccation: Dormancy: Deluge

Earlier stages:

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