Tiny Talks with Beth Kephart

Tiny Talks is an interview series with Tiny Spoon’s talented contributors. This week we spoke with Beth Kephart from our seventh issue, Collaboration! Read Beth’s piece “Overjoy Cruise” in our issue.

*Since Beth’s work in our collaboration issue was an internal collaboration with the self, she conducted the interview with herself and we appreciate that.

TS: What called you to collaborate and what was that process like? 

Beth: As a writer of books I became increasingly obsessed with the art of books. And so I joined the two halves of myself.

TS: Why do you create? 

Beth: Because I am miserable (inside and out) when I don’t. Just ask my husband

TS: Where do you find most of your inspiration? / When do you feel most inspired?

Beth: There is, as Moyra Davey writes in her brilliant INDEX CARDS, no writing without reading. And so I read. And think.

TS: What is your dream project?

Beth: In my dream project I learn some very new things. I am surprised. I am awed. I struggle to put it all down, to share it.

TS: What book, artwork, music, etc., would you recommend to others? 

Beth: Anything Alice McDermott writes. 

Find more of Beth’s work here: bethkephartbooks.com / juncture workshops.com, and the etsy shop noted below.

TS: Do you have any current projects that you are working on that you would like to share?

Beth: I’ve taken my obsession with the art of blank books into the making and selling of blank books, collaborating with my artist husband. Here is our Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BINDbyBIND

I also have a new craft book, created with my husband, called WE ARE THE WORDS: THE MASTER MEMOIR CLASS

Purchase Beth’s journal on her Etsy shop!